produsen/panel maker terbaik dan terlengkap di indonesia, kami merakit atau membuat berbagai macam jenis panel listrik berkualitas

Line of Product

Line of Business

Supply of Spare Part & New Equipment

We give you the best solution to minimize the cost of your new project with standardized specification, simple design and without reduce materials quality.

Instrumentation Design & Work, Trouble Shooting & Repair, Instrument Supply

If you have a trouble with instrument system in your industrial process or machines, we can help you to solve that trouble.

Mechanical Service, Manufacturing, Recondition/Repair, Mechanical Supply 

Improve Productivity can be the result of a well installed mechanical system. In consultation wiyh the owner and understanding of the production necessities, PT Istech Utama perform everything possible to provide a system which enchances productivity.

Installations & Maintenance Works, Switchboard & Manufacturring

We give you many range electrical product that you need and We always supply the genuine part, guarantee, Low Price, and fast delivery time.
Such as MVDP Panel, MCC Panel, LVMDB Panel, Capacitor Bank, Dieel Fire Pump Panel, Modification Panel, Generator Control Panel, Trouble Shooting Panel.